Anova Google Home skill is no longer avialable

My Anova is no longer available in Google Home. I searched for the skill and it is no longer found.

It was withdrawn for further work and hasn’t been resubmitted, I believe.

Awesome of Anova to provide a support article regardless!

Yes it’s great when a company provides documentation to a feature they removed without warning. Maybe next they’ll just drop all customer service for the device unless you spend a couple hundred more on this year’s model. It works for Apple. Why not cookware too!?

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Unbelievable! I bought this device SPECIFICALLY because it had Google integration at the time, and definitely would not have picked it if it didn’t. They’ve actually removed that feature which I’m pretty sure breaches any number of consumer laws in Australia at least. 3 months later, still not feature or communication from ANOVA.

I’m not sure how removing a feature can be against any Aussie consumer laws. The integration was written by a user and not actually an official feature. Also, I believe it was removed by Google, rather than by Anova. Although I could be wrong on that score.

Completely irrelevant who wrote it - ANOVA advertised Google Home integration on their web site for the products and had support articles on how to set it up. Therefore they are on the hook, it’s part of what they publically offer to customers that a reasonable customer would expect to receive and continue to have access to. In thee Australian Consumer Law, a specific phrase even talks to whether a customer would not have purchased, had they known the feature wasn’t available or didn’t work (as in my case).
In any case, it seems highly dubious that it wasn’t an official ANOVA feature (irrespective of who wrote it) they would have had to enable API access for it to work, and the integration module in Google Assistant had their icon and branding.

As I suspected, both Google Home and Alexa integration are official ANOVA features.

You should have bought the oven



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