Anova Precision Cooker PDF Manual

We’ve been shipping units without hard copies of the operating manual. We assumed people would rather have their units than wait for the hard copy. We’re giving all backers an opportunity to get the hard-copy manual if they’d like.

We’re also emailing people a PDF version of the manual. Here’s the link:

Please let us know what you think!

Hi Stephen,
I ordered one of my two units to be a gift, and I would like to ensure that there will be a hard-copy of the manual to include in my gift. Can you please post more info as to how to go about requesting the manual in a hard copy? (As of 12/2 my units don’t show as fulfilled on my individual status page so perhaps you could just include the manuals when you ship if those are available now).

Thanks for the link to the manual. I have downloaded it and send to the two persons I bought the cooker for. I think they will find it useful.

Updated link to the Precision Cooker Manual may be found here:

I just spent 484 dollars on this setup, have no idea how to set it up as you shipped a French manual but no English, this manual that you present has absolutely no information on how to operate the device, Bluetooth doesn’t work - have no idea why, actually I have no idea why I spent $484 on a bunch of plastic crap but it’s okay, just took it back to London Drugs and got my money back. I’ll make sure that in the next week I tell at least 20 people what a fraudulent rip off your products are.