Anova V2 using only 450W when heating up water


I measured energy usage by anova v2 (900 w) and I see a Max consumption of about 450 watts when heating up water (before it reaches final temperature).

I measured consumption using two methods:

  1. TPLink hs110 has energy monitoring and I can see real time power usage
  2. Measuring time required to heat up 10lt of water by 5 degrees using 450w and 900w. (See Time required matches my measurements when heating element provides 450w.

I’m on 120V.

Is my unit defective or is other people seeing the same thing?

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Hey @Cosoriog this doesn’t sound right to me, but please reach out to our tech support at and they’ll dig deeper into what going on with your cooker’s energy usage.

Anova sent a replacement unit and it uses about 900w when warming up water.

Support representative was quick to resolve issue!


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