Anova wifi precision cooker 120v US model-- OK in UK with adaptors?

I would like to give one of these as a Christmas gift. I live in the UK, but will be in the US several times before the end of the year. From another thread, it doesn’t sound like there will be a Wifi model available in UK or Europe before the holidays, so getting one in the US may be my best option.

Will I be OK using this with an adaptor? Possibly needing a step down converter? (half our appliances are US from moving around, so we have a lot of various things like that).

Any advice or thoughts most welcome.

Should be fine. One thing to get if you don’t already have one is a good quality fused surge protected North American power bar. I found it invaluable when I visited Europe as I often wanted to plug several things in at once. Less fiddling around.