Anybody make infused cooking oils ???

So, I was thinking about taking a qt of olive oil, or maybe avacado oil (we use both) putting it in a qt jar, then putting a bunch of fresh basil leaves, rosemary… I love garlic, but I hear it needs much higher cooking temps, so maybe I could roast it first until it’s soft, then put it in the jar as well, to add some awesome garlic flavor to the mix…

BTW, Quart jars fit perfectly in my Sous Vide tub. I know, because of my recent extraction of vanilla beans :wink::+1:
…and hitting it for… I dunno, at least 24 hrs… Maybe 48 -96 ?
No idea on the temp ? 135 ? 150 ?

Another thing I’m not really sure of, Should I A) use a ton of basil, rosemary, and garlic (all that will fit) and now only use a tablespoon or 3 in my cooking,
Recipes ? OR, should I make it weaker but use it almost straight ?

Here ya go! Sous Vide Infused Oils

The concern I found many years back when considering doing a fundraiser with my daughter (then a cub scout) was the botulism “potential” factor whether the way it is kept by a buyer / giftee or other variables.

In the end we made vanilla sugar (well massaged) cheap & easy to shift.

The empirical reality of food storage cupboards / walk in larders versus modern social media ideals don’t necessarily mix …thus explaining “tide pod stupidity” & the like.