Savory mason jar recipes? Other than egg bites

Love doing stuff in my 4 & 8 oz mason jars, perfect sizing, easy to take to work & reheat. I have done several desserts & have more desserts on the to do list. I’ve done many flavors & variations on the egg bites & love them, but getting kinda burned out on them. I am looking for more savory recipes, to do in the jars. Any suggestions?

Lara, if you have no adversion to using plastic you can also combined cooked ingredients in meal-sized pouches. Select some of your favourite meal combinations. Pasteurize them for safety (refer to Baldwin, Table 4.1 on times and temps), ice bath chill, and store refrigerated or frozen. Jars get expensive, require more space, and can take longer to process if you are building much of an inventory. Flattened pouches can be effeciently stored stacked once they are frozen or safely chilled (see Baldwin, Table 1.1).

Otherwise, you need to eliminate air pockets in jarred meals. Mixtures like soups and stews, or stewps, are best in jars. Remember that most starches decline in quality when storred for long in a wet medium.

I do it all the time with mostly complete vegan meals, but meat and poultry components are just as easily used. I make large batches as a better use of time. Always date and label each item as they all tend to look the same when frozen. Flatten bags for efficient processing and cooling, never have them more than 2-inches thick. 1 1/2-inches thick or 35mm requires 2 hours processing at 140ᴼF/161ᴼC which is about the outer limit of my patience.

Thanks, I already do the mass prep, cook & freeze meal prep, both sous vide & not. I am really looking for savory small bites to go in the jars 4 & 8 oz jars. I have a ton & have more room to do more jars in my sous vide when making desserts or egg bites, so was looking for something else.

You could look at and adapt quiche recipes. They tend to be less eggy in finish than the eggbites. Chawanmushi too, although also a bit ‘egg-bitey’ offers a slight variation on a theme. Lentils cook well sous vide because there is not the same risk of them suddenly turning to mush when you blink.

You might experiment with polenta as a base for your jars, as I know that oatmeal works quite well in them.

Dunno if this qualifies for your request, but I “cold brew” coffee in mason jars.

Thanks, that sounds good.

I quite often make chicken liver paté in mason jars:

Love that!! could do several 4 oz jars & they would be great for our usual small dinner group of 3-5 people. Also makes me wonder if my mushroom pate recipe could be adapted for sous vide?!?!? Thanks much!!