Sous Vide Creamy Cheddar and Bacon Egg Bites

This recipe makes Nine 4 ounce well oiled mason jars with egg mixture. 167F at 45 minutes.

Mixture is 8 eggs, 8 heaping TBSP cottage cheese 1 cup sharp cheddar, 1/2 tsp salt, 1/2 tsp white pepper. Run the mixture in a blender until pureed smoothly and pour into the 9 well oiled 4 oz Mason jars, add a piece of crispy bacon and put on the lid. We used Pam butter spray for oiling. LOW CARB so I used real Sharp Cheddar, not low fat. The lids on the jars have to be a little loose so they don’t crack as they cook. So you screw the lid closed and then back about a quarter turn!

When done, we took the jars out, let them sit 5 minutes and then removed the lids. Then put them upside down on the broiler pan… eventually, tapping very lightly, all dropped onto the pan. You can use a sharp knife around the edges of the jars to loosen them. If they stick a bit, you didn’t use enough oil in the jars.

Then more cheddar on top in the broiler 5 minutes. Done and creamy!


FloridaBob - Great SV egg bite recipe, thank you! 75 °C for 45 minutes is spot on. I used ghee instead of Pam, and experimented replacing the sharp cheddar by Gruyère, Old Oka, and Blue cheese (each in different 125 mL Mason jars). The flavour variations were pure pleasure. Screwing the 70 mm jar lids with the tips of two fingers, then back 15°, worked fine, rather than back 180° which I found rather excessive. All in all, a keeper for sure. :+1:

Glad you agree on the basics. I did not use Gruyère because I had none on hand and lots of recipes use that. So Sharp Cheddar was an experiment. The variations using other cheeses and meats are endless! I think 30 degrees back was actually what I was doing on lids. BTW I did use half a teaspoon of White Pepper in the egg mix, which I did not mention. Have fun and thanks!

Now that Spring is here I like to add some freshly snipped chives to the mix as well. My last batch I used small bits of leftover ham. Anything that you like in an omelet works with the bites.

John, thanks for the ideas. We are enjoying the world of Sous Vide and have developed a love of it all! Everything we have cooked Sous Vide has exceeded our expectations.

I ordered some GHEE today and looking forward to using it. I have known of Ghee for some time but have never explored it. Thanks!

Butter works just fine. :slight_smile: You just use a chunk of cold butter from the fridge - works very well for lining all of your jars - just be quick so your fingers don’t melt it. :slight_smile: You want the cold butter staying in place until your egg bites are in the sous vide bath.

PAM butter spray works too. I like butter or Ghee theoretically better and we will see. Thanks! These egg bites as I prepared are excellent. Any improvements will be welcomed.

Well today we made our first mistake… that was letting my wife prepare the jars. She left the lids too loose and during cooking we created water that was totally opaque. One of the lids came off and half the egg mixture escaped and the water became an egg emulsion. When I took all 12 jars out of the water, all had a little water in them. Not a problem because Sous Vide is very forgiving and I just poured the water out and finished the job. They all, except one, turned out great. Cheddar on top, broiler and eat. BUT I learned a lesson.

I haven’t done these for a while stumbled across post and today I’m back.
I use Manchego cheese i like the stronger flavor and browns good

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I have never eaten Sheep milk Manchego cheese but will give it a go. Thanks.

Hello, This looks lovely, I will try it. do you completely submerge the jars ?
I am new to Sous Vide cooking !

Yes, completely submerged. You screw on the lids using a light two finger touch, then back them off just until you feel the seal release just a little and then put them into the pot. I use a big pair of tongs. You will probably see some bubbles but that is not a problem. All you want is for pressure to be allowed to release. Best to let the water come to temp before dropping them in. Good Luck!

Went to buy Manchego and it was $17.95 for a 6 oz piece. No, not today. I will shop for it elsewhere.

£3.49 for 250g in UK

Today looked its £17.94/Kg

I will Peal price off before Mrs see’s how much it is LOL

Very funny! I can get One pound of Manchego for $25 on Amazon. That is $1.56 per ounce USA.

People in Toronto can go see the cheese guy at the St. Lawrence Market - he likely has a dozen varieties of Manchego on hand. :slight_smile: sniff One of the things I miss about Toronto - the food!! :slight_smile: isn’t as kind to us up here - $29.99/lb + $20 shipping. BUT - Real Canadian Superstore has 150g for $6 ($4/100g) - so that works out to $18.16/pound (454g in a pound). :smiley: