Sous vide muffin tin egg bites

G’day guys,

Sorry for another egg bites post, but I decided to have a go at the starbucks egg bites today. Never actually seen one, and don’t know if they even sell them in Australia, but I love eggs, so i had a shot:

basic process as seen in the pics:

  • chop garlic, chives, chilis.
  • slice up some home made bacon.
  • pop a little butter in the pan and fry the bacon
  • remove bacon, add the garlic, chives and chilis to the butter/bacon fat
  • whisk 6 eggs with a little sesame oil, whisk in the garlic/chives/chilis and some pepper
  • spray muffin tin with canola oil, grate some parmagiano reggiano into the cups
  • add bacon to the cups, followed by the egg mixture
  • vac seal, stop the vac just as the egg starts to pull from the cups
  • cook in sous vide bath for 1.5 hours at 76.6c/170f

when you pull them out, the egg that got pulled by the vacuum just needs a scraping off. put a cutting board on top of the muffin tin and flip it over.

that’s about it. i was going to broil them with a bit more reggiano and some paprika but didn’t get around to it.

the texture was deliciously creamy, they were firm enough to hold in your hand without fear of breaking them, and tasted great, very savory, and a little spicy from the chili. taking them to work tomorrow to share with the lads.

will definitely be doing this again, though i may make a lighter version like others have been doing, with primarily eggwhites and cottage cheese etc…

i give each picture a description on my instagram here:


Damn nicely done.

The way everyone is raving about them, one of these days I’ll have to actually try making these scrambled egg cups.

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cheers! they are pretty easy to make, recommend giving it a go.

They’re more like mini quiche than scrambled eggs.

Definitely yummy.

i was thinking of making a quiche custard to make them, will do so at some point, and experiment with other things too.

i was mostly just curious how well vac sealed muffin tins would go. (extremely well)

Great idea (why didn’t I think of it?). Glad it worked for you. I find the soft pull on my vac-pack can still lose me a lot of fluid. I gave in and bought a couple of sets of Aussie Mason jars as I figure I’ll get the use of them. Much better price than the Ball ones.

mason jars are fine too i imagine, and no need to bag. muffin tins were just what i thought of last month when the topic was first brought up: Sous Vide Egg Bites @ Starbucks Recipe?

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@Ember - that was the description I was fishing for, thanks.

@Walter_Ego - What is “quiche custard”? I have made both individually, just not sure what is meant by combining the terms - or maybe I’m just reading too much into it. My pet Bable Fish is struggling at translating Australian to American…

quiche filling is referred to as a custard everywhere i think. basically eggs milk and cream, similar to sweet custards which also include sugar and perhaps flour. this is just a savory custard.

pretty sure its not just an au/uk thing.

this wasnt a custard.

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Guess it’s just a continent and regional thing then. Never heard it called “quiche custard” before. Custard is typically thought of primarily as the sugar added version, at least around here to those who aren’t classically trained chefs.

Technically a custard is anything dairy-based and thickened with eggs. Of course the invention of custard powder blurred that boundary a little. :wink: