Anyone interested in talking about Meat Glue?

I use transglutaminase quite a bit and was wondering if anyone was interested in sharing some recipes.

I’m really interested in this, I tried to make vacuum sealed chicken kievs by poking a slit into a chicken breast and inserting a finger-width of garlic butter and then cooking, but since the slit wasn’t sealed all the garlic butter oozed out into the bag while cooking. Still tasty but not what I wanted. I’ve heard of meat glue but it doesn’t seem to be sold over the counter in this part of the world, so if anyone knows a functional replacement I would be keen to hear of it. 

I have never used it, however, I am always interested in mew techniques. My sealer has always been egg wash.

You can get Transglutaminase fairly easily online. The Modernist Pantry store on looks to be a fairly easy source for a lot of molecular gastronomy ingredients but I’m sure there are other sources too (including directly from The Modernist Cuisine website). I’ve considered trying to play around with this sort of thing but haven’t made it there yet.

Modernist Pantry storefront on

Sous Vide and méat glue are a match made in heaven. Here is a cross section of a chicken dish cooked for a farm to table dinner. We deboned breasts and removed the skin and tenders. We then created a mousse with the tenders, creme fraiche and cranberries. We then used meat glue to encase the mousse around two deboned breasts. IF YOU WORK WITH TRANSGLUTAMINASE USE GLOVES!! I cannot stress this enough! You sprinkle meat glue all over the meat you want to glue together and then wrap it tight and refrigerate it. We meat glued the breasts around the mousse and then wrapped the skin around the entire thing. In order for the glue to set it needs to be refrigerated for at least 4 hours, but I like to let it set overnight. We then cooked the chicken sous-vide and at the end flash-fried it and cut it on the bias. Fabulous. Think of wrapping things that compliment each other before you get crazy. Just wrapped and glued speck to deboned pheasant breasts- cooked sous-vide then seared and topped with hot bacon foam. A man at the party asked me if I was a good witch or a bad witch.

I have done this a few times with great results. Last Super Bowl, I made a kind of roulade out of diced chicken breast, Canadian bacon, Parmasean and Romano cheese, tomato, onion, and sprinklings of transglutaminase. Vacuum sealed the log and let it set overnight. Brother said it was the best thing ever.

Nice!! I made a very fancy turducken in individual portions for Thanksgiving with it as well- the meat was perfectly cooked.