The Teaser


It's not the Usual Suspects . . .

Answer to come this Saturday. 

Guesses welcome below!

Cream of chicken gelato or gummy worms

Tomorrow all will be revealed, are you all excited?

I have no idea what it may be.

I’m hoping for gummybears.

Simon_C we are waiting for the reveal. What did you make.

The suspense is terrible… I hope it’ll last.

@kdelk Shirley you can't be serious.

Sorry people, this is taken longer than I would have liked. As they say, life is what happens to you while you're making plans. I had hoped to get photography in natural daytime light during the weekend instead of rubbish flash photos after work during the week. I had hoped to try each of the methods of stock thickening in one batch and get taste test opinions from friends and family on the weekend, instead of doing one each evening and eating the result, no matter how good it is, as my evening meal. But such is life. Poor excuses I know, but I promise the result will be worth it. 

OK, so, an update. I had this idea that a savory cold jelly might be nice, so I poached a chicken thigh filled at 66c for 90 minutes in chicken stock with a teaspoon of gelatin, and chilled then refrigerated it overnight for the next day’s lunch. Cold savoury chicken jelly? Maybe a celebrity chef could manage it but it’s beyond mere mortals like me. Please don’t do this. It really is that bad. 

Well if you want cold savory beef jelly (that sounds really bad) all you need to do is cook some 72-hour bone in short ribs. The bag juice is really rich in gelatin at that point and it just has to be refrigerated to get it to gel up nicely.

So you wanted cold chicken jelly?

Oxtail also produces a great gelatin. When I make oxtails and refridgerate the leftovers it looks like brown jello.