Anyway to lock the Precision Oven control panel?

I would like to see a way to lock the controls on the handle. By wiping the handle can change the settings and turn on the oven unintentionally while it is not being used. ,

Nobert, unplug the oven when its not in use.

Unplugging the oven is not a solution. The plug is behind the oven. Need to move the 46lb oven to reach in to unplug.

Add an inline switch to the cord.

In-line switch is a workaround. However, It seems that it is a simple firmware change that can add the locking function. Something like holding the on/off button for a number of seconds, and/or a switch in the app, will turn on and off the lock function. My range and cooktop both have the locking function. I don’t need to unplug them or add in an accessible 220V 30A power switch.

Why do you need a lock. Not a challenge. Just want to know.

Some curious kids visiting may turn on the oven without us knowing. Yes, it is a rare situation, but could happen. When I was wiping the handle, it keeps turning it on and off, it is just annoying. Not a big deal, though.
It is a nice to have feature, not a must have.

You get a notification on your phone when the oven is turned on.

The best argument for a lock on the oven is a Sabbath mode.