Child lock?

Hello there,

Just got my oven in all works well and up to expectations.
There is one thing, I am not able to find the option to ‘‘Child Lock’’ the oven.

Is there somewhere some hidden feature to ‘‘lock’’ the device, so children would be unable to mess up the settings?

To be honest, I still can not believe such a basic but important feature would be omitted. ¯\(ツ)

Thank you,
Mark Sikkema

I don’t believe there is one. Have never seen one on other ovens either.

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what oven/microwave/kitchen appliance has a child lock?

all mine have

your range and microwave have child lock? video please I don’t believe it


My microwave has a child lock, though being above the oven as a range hood I’m not sure how they could reach it. My whirlpool oven with front panel controls also has a child lock, as does the dishwasher and even the water dispenser on my fridge

Maybe the difference is between Europe and The States. I’m from Europe and it seems that any digital includes a child-lock nowadays.
Where are you from?