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I have now a microwave/conventional oven because I have no room for two devices. In Spain at least, almost nobody that lives in a big city and is not a billionaire has space for another oven, it must replace the microwave (that is usually a tabletop machine) or the conventional oven (that is usually encased with the stove, so a tabletop oven is out of the question). It is also totally, absolutely, please-don’t-even-suggest-it unacceptable to NOT have a microwave oven (in my home at least, the microwave is used like 10 times a day. The conventional oven is used like 10 times a YEAR). It isn’t necessary a complicated microwave function, in fact it is BETTER if the microwave is extremelly limited, if it cannot be combined with the conventional oven functions, cannot be used in any way except full power, cannot be programmed except in 30-sec intervals with just a single button. My current combi oven has a lot of possibilities that we’ve never used and because of that everything is much more cumbersome that need to be, so much that my elderly family members have sometimes trouble in everyday uses like heating a glass of milk just because of that.

So, I think the oven would have lots more of potential customers in Europe, at least in Spain, if it had microwave functionality, even if it was really basic (as I said, for me at least, “really basic” as in just 2 buttons, one “star/+30sec” and one “cancel”, would be an awesome feature, not a limitation)

Thanks for the feedback!

We store bread in our microwave oven here in Portugal. I melt butter in it when I don’t want to dirty a pan on the stove. That is about it. If I had my wish, we wouldn’t have one at all. I understand space limitations, but for the APO, I will find the room for it. :slight_smile:

Hi Pko, you have some special requirements such as space limitations and simplicity.

This cook does not recommend the general use of microwave ovens nor adding a microwave generator to Anova ovens as it becomes an additional engineering complexity in shielding and controlling. Anova has enough challenges with its current APO.

Usage 10 times a day is a lot. As a frequent microwave oven user you might consider its location and testing it for radiation leakage. For added safety your microwave oven should not be mounted at eye level as your eyes are particularly susceptible to radiation damage, as are the gonads below waist level.

It’s unfortunate in our increasingly corporate dominated society that the electric appliance industry through its lobbying and legal pursuits has been effective in suppressing revelations of scientific investigations into the hazards of microwave ovens and their unfavourable impact on foods.

Milk can be safely and simply heated on your stove top.

Keep well.

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wow, what would we even call such a thing?
a Combi Speed Steamer? (channeling Miele marketing dept)

this would significantly increase design complexity. not that it’s inherently a bad thing, but where’s the payoff?

space savings isn’t good enough. and let’s be honest – this device isn’t saving anyone space. :slight_smile: it’s a countertop killer. so far, it doesn’t even replace a toaster oven (!!!), but in theory it should be able to without being much more complicated or costly (main issues are lack of timer shutoff control and lack of effective chamber cooldown mode to prevent rapid overcooking/overdrying at the end of a simple toast operation).

and any theoretical space savings by adding a “speed” (microwave) element to this thing will be offset by the cost and risk of putting all your eggs in a basket. mass-market microwaves are cheap as hell due to economies of scale, and they break frequently in my experience. i’d rather just have a discrete microwave that is cheap to replace.

what i want to know is… what novel cooking techniques and/or conveniences would a combination convection-steam-microwave oven create? just asking for fun. maybe i’m lacking creativity at the moment, but i can’t think of anything really.