Is there a way to turn off the light without using the app?

I like to air it out a bit even after I wipe off the water after use.
But the light won’t turn off. Given the light isn’t LED, it likely won’t last very long being on all the time.
If there is a button or combination of button that turns off the light, I’d love to learn that trick.

Sadly, no…

oh boy…this thing is really missing a lot of basic features
kinda like my teslas when they first came out…but I doubt I’m getting basic features added with ota updates :smiley:
Thanks. I have to figure out what I’m gonna do with it. It’s taking up too much counter space to do once a year sous vide, since my sous vide stick and ziplock bags still works the best for most thing.

Not sure what you think is missing, but we do love ours, and we use it a dozen times a week. You should see what it does for burgers and even pork shoulder if you have a smoker.

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Set the oven to the lowest temp, 25C, start it, open the door and wait a short while until the light turns off, press stop and wipe out the oven.

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my smoker was chewed out by rodents :smiley: I probably need to replace that
I do love the result of using it as a steam oven as well as sous vide (did some chicken breasts last night)
I haven’t own a microwave for over 10 years now. I was hoping that this would be a good utility appliance like all my previous steam ovens. It’s becoming clear now this is only good for sous vide, as using it as anything else might just burn down my house, I’ll just need to use it the way it was designed.
That means I don’t have kitchen counter space for this. I’ll just put it in the basement for occasional sous vide:)

That’s an interesting trick. preventing mold > electric bill. I like it :smiley:
I live in the middle of the woods, mold is my biggest enemy.

Hi, I don’t need a microwave since reheating with steam between 30 and 100% and temp between 85 Celsius and 100 Celsius works perfectly. Less steam for crispy stuff, more for wet stuff. The greatest Chefs do it this way. Microwave is doing poorly in comparison.

Exactly! It also makes the leftover taste so good.
I can never go back to microwave oven.
It unfortunate that apo, as a countertop appliance is designed like a wall oven.
I don’t have a dedicated house wife or house husband to operate it.

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