Replace my microwave?

I have room for a microwave or an oven, but not both. Can this oven replace my microwave oven?

Welcome! The Anova Precision Oven does not microwave, but MANY users have fully replaced theirs with the APO due to the superior reheating results with steam! It takes a few minutes longer, what takes 2 min in a microwave might take 6-8 in the APO. You can even do popcorn too!

Hi A, it all depends on your decision criteria. What are your expectations? You need to think and make a list.

Neither appliance is able to completely replace the other. Your decision should be based on your recipe repertoire and your preferred cooking techniques. As an example, i hope you don’t roast meat in the microwave oven. If you only use the microwave oven to boil water and melt chocolate you likely have a stove that can do those tasks as well.

If you often reheat meals or individual menu items in the microwave oven you will discover the Anova oven delivers superior results albeit in a little more time. You can also make the creamiest Polenta ever without all the tedious stirring in your Anova oven.

The Anova oven will do you less harm in that it won’t alter the molecular structure of your food if that is important to you, but if you are expecting the same speed and instant deep application of energy in your food you will be disappointed by the Anova oven.

If you are willing to discuss your thoughts come on back and let the Community’s users here assist you, or Message me.

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