Anova Precision Oven

Very intrigued by the precision oven. How big is this unit? As in physical dimension and cooking capacity?

Any insider knowledge around here? Hehe.

Hadn’t heard of it until I saw your post. :slight_smile:

For others, here’s their page:

Sorry, I’ll wait for the reviews…seems like it may not be as useful as my toaster oven at this point. :wink:

I also don’t buy the bit about conventional ovens varying 50 degrees during a cook.

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What would be useful is if it has technology similar to the the CVap oven, Otherwise, I don’t really feel that I have much use for what is sounding a lot like a wi-fi enabled toaster.


Conventional ovens use thermostats to hold an average temperature close to what it is set to. It will heat up until it is hotter than set, turn off, and then turn back on after it has cooled below the set temperature. It is not unheard of, based on type and age of the oven for this ‘swing’ to be 25° above and below the set temperature. Putting more mass into the oven, pizza stones, bricks, cast iron, etc, are attempts to smooth out these fluctuations. The heat transfer is mainly by air contact and reradiation of heat from the sides (back, front, top, bottom included). A water bath, used when making cheesecake, also attempts to control heat transfer.

Water ovens (the Anova PC is one implementation) use temp control efficiency and the higher heat transfer rate of water as an alternative to the higher temperature and lower heat transfer rate of air.

Each technique has both advantages and drawbacks.

There are other ways to cook. Microwave, stove top burners, grills, convection, dehydraters, smokers, coffee makers, salamanders… Each of them is great for what they do, and each of them won’t completely replace any of the others.

I don’t know if the Precision Oven will be all they say. But five years ago, I wouldn’t have imagined I would one day be cooking a pork shoulder in a plastic freezer bag, in an ice chest filled with water.

As I tell my kids, “Wait! It’ll be ready when it’s ready!”


Hey guys! I will work on writing up some more info about the oven for the community site. I would also love to hear any feedback you all have. Things you would like to see, or any ideas you have. I will post that here by the end of the week!

(Also sorry for the late reply, I have been at CES since Wednesday and just got back)

Do they really work like the regular ovens

It will make the food magically delicious!

/not holding my breath for a wi-fi toaster

It looks like it got delayed. Originally they said at CES it was supposed to come this summer.

@atrueresistance Yep, you’re right! It has been pushed back.


Called it!

That’s OK. I waited a long time for my Tesla too.

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That’s special.

@AlyssaWOAH Any news if it was cancelled?

It was definitely not cancelled. We’re working on other products before the oven (Nano was one of them), so it was pushed back.

Does Anova still anticipate releasing the Precision Oven in 2018?

@pskip Unfortunately not. It’s more likely to be released next year, but I don’t have an exact ETA for it. We’re soon going to go through a very rigorous user test for it.

Hi Alyssa. Any news/updates on the Oven?
Now with Nano and Pro released looks like the team would be available to focus on the Oven!

@AlyssaWOAH so is it safe to say this product was cancelled?

not cancelled, they just announced it 3 days ago!