Temperature is not accurate.

I am using the anova precision cooker wifi model year 2019. I set the temperature to 145f and the water is reading 146f. If the anova precision cooker wifi model is off but can read temperature, it is even a couple degrees higher. So is there a way to calibrate the temperature on the device? I used 3 of my thermoworks thermometers to confirm my accuracy.

Hey Boo, I am not aware of there being a recalibration method.

If the temperature error is a constant value over the normal operating temperature range why not just adjust your cooking temperatures to compensate?

You can check you APC’s accuracy by immersing the shaft in a deep 50% ice water bath when it is energized, but not operating. The display should be at 0C or 32F.

If you have some spare time ask your question to the Anova Support team at the above link.

Don’t know if you already got an answer from Anova, but I believe the app has a temperature calibration function.

You believe there’s a temperature calibrator in the app? I do not see it.

I believed wrong. It looks like it used to be a feature of the app (How do I calibrate my device with the app?  | Anova Culinary Help Center) but is no longer - I just checked the app with my own precision cooker…