0.x degree setting


Some recipes require adjustment of the 0.x degree, and I can only adjust by 0.5

Is this something that can be fixed, seeing as the thermostat obviously reads by 0.x degrees?


What’re you trying to cook? Most things probably won’t be affected by a ±0.5C anyway, very much less likely to be affected by a 0.1f. Do you have a regularly calibrated thermometer to check the temperature of the bath?

There are various recipes and ingredients that can react differently for each 0.x degree. Eggs are a perfect example - the difference of texture between 65.0 and 65.2 degrees celsius is noticeable (creaminess of the whites), and different again from 65.5 where the yolk is more solid…

Anyway, I hope the precision cooker has the ability.


The precision cooker definitely has the ability to set temperature to 0.1 degree via an app. On the other hand - switching from C to F will give you this 0.2C precision. Most importantly though, are you sure you have the precise calibration to start with?

I’ve been assured my unit has been calibrated correctly from the factory. If it does indeed have the ability to do 0.x degree by app, I’d like a feature request put in for the ability to slow-roll the wheel/dial for 0.x adjustments, and fast-dial it for 0.5 adjustments.

Seems a shame to leave this out from the physical controls when they feel like they could support it.


@shanelord I can’t talk for Anova, but it seems that your idea was part of the firmware update from the developer’s prototypes to production. At that time they mentioned “Smart scroll function added to optimize faster scrolling”. I afraid it wasn’t tested sufficiently and that’s how we’ve got the current behavior. I am also not sure if they have a way to update firmware via Bluetooth - the developer’s prototypes had to be send back for reprogramming.

As for correct calibration - that was my assumption as well, until I received the production unit which was off by 0.6C from my developer’s unit (and my independent thermometer). So, as Ronald Reagan loved to repeat every time he talked with Gorbachev, “trust, but verify.”

Mine’s off by -0.4C to -1C according to my thermapen which hasn’t been calibrated for a while. I wouldn’t trust a statement - you need to verify. At the very least, cook stuff to pasteurisation for a couple of degrees lower than you think it is. You certainly won’t be able to do eggs to any kind of accuracy without knowing the exact temp in the bath.