how to set the precise temperature

hi, i am new to Anova.
how to set a precise temperature on the new Anova?
According to the app, the temperature for a medium rare ribeye steak is 53.9c
But it only let me to adjust the temperature by 0.5c, that means i can set the target temperature at 54c or 53.5c but not 53.9c
Can anyone tell me how to set a precise temperature?
ps. I couldn’t connect it to my iphone so i set the temperature on the device itself.

Thank you :slight_smile:

0.1 resolution is only available in the app. The original temperature in the recipe is probably in Fahrenheit and then converted to Celsius which makes is an odd number, it is no issue to use 54c instead.
But any way, it should be possible to get the device connected to your home WiFi.

0.1C isn’t going to make much difference to your steak’s doneness. Just use 54C.

I agree with Ember completely that .1C won’t make a difference. If your heart is set on using the exact temperature you could always temporarily switch your unit to Fahrenheit and set it to 129F for this cook. (It really won’t make any difference - but I thought I’d provide you with the option! :slight_smile: )

Correct! If you set the temp to F then switch to C you will see an exact temp with tenths of a degree on your Anova