Temperature Accuracy

Just got the Anova Pro to use as my go to device. The Anova Precision Cooker 2019 will be my secondary and I’m giving my CISNO unit to my daughter. Both the Cisno and APC 2019 are within .5 degrees of my digital thermometer when tested but the new Pro unit is off by 1.1 degrees. Just wondering what everyone’s experience is with the temperature accuracy of these units. Should it be more accurate than it is or is a variance of a degree or so normal for these units?

First thing to do is to calibrate your digital thermometer every 6 months, even if it’s digital it can start to give off results. Easy way to do it is by using either hot or cold bath (cold being less trouble). Fill a glass tall enough to fit the probe with ice (cube or crushed does not matter, then top it off with cold water. Let stand 30 seconds or so, then dip the probe in the water. It should read 32F or 0C depending of your scale, then hit the Calibrate button. If there is none, just remember how OFF your thermometer is then use that value when taking a reading (add or substract). If you have a LASER thermometer, aim the beam in the glass from the top to get a reading then add or substract as needed. Remember to use the LASER thermometer from the same distance you took the calibration reading. I’d recomend 12 inches or 30cm.

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Thanks for the Info. I’ve not used the cold method before but I have used boiling water and my digital thermometer reads 212.0 degrees in that so it’s perfectly accurate. My 2019 APC produces water that is .5 degrees hotter than the readout would suggest and my Pro produces water that is 1.1 degree hotter than the readout suggests. The .5 degrees doesn’t bother me but I don’t like the fact that the Pro is over a degree off. Would be nice if there was a calibration setting in the App that would create an offset on the units but that’s not there so I’m thinking the best I can do is change all my recipes to reduce the set temperature by .8 degrees so that if I cook them using the 2019 APC they will cook at .3 degrees lower than the set temperature and if I cook them on the Pro they will cook at .3 degrees higher than the set temperature. I was wondering about other peoples experiences with these units and if a 1.1 degree variance is typical or if it’s unusual to be that far off.

The advantage of using ice water for calibration is it’s a constant while boiling water varies according to atmospheric pressure and altitude.

Good suggestion for Anova to add a recalibration piece to the software. It ought to be easy. My 15-year old oven has a recalibration feature on its touch pad.

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I agree. I have a GE Profile gas range that is nearly 20 years old and it allows me to calibrate the temperature of the oven in that way. The unit already knows what it thinks the temperature is so adding a calibration setting in the app to allow you to enter an actual temperature and then have the difference stored somewhere in the firmware and applied to the interpolated temperature for display or testing in the software seems like an easy enhancement. I’ve sent a support ticket in asking if a 1.1 degree variance in the temperature for the Pro is withing specified tolerances for the devices and if there is a way (or is planned a way) to calibrate the temperature.

Thought I would add this followup since Anova support seems to get a bad rap on this site. I’ve had nothing but positive results when contacting them. According to Anova support the Pro unit is supposed to be accurate to within .09 degrees F. I’ve bought a second digital thermometer and have checked both of mine in an ice bath. My New APC (the 2019 version) is within spec (up to .2 degrees F accurate) so it is the Pro unit that is nearly a full degree off from the other one. Anova support will be shipping out a replacement as soon as I get this one on the way to them. The folks there have been great every time I’ve contacted them and this is no exception.

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