Calibrate Anova Presion Cooker

I am trying to calibrate my Anova Presion Cooker. Through the app it tells me to hold the target temperature button for 5 seconds and it will send me a 4 digit code but there is only a digital read out on my model. No button. It is currently 2 degrees off. The only thing that I can get it to do is change to celcius. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

It is on the site, look for your unit (you failed to mention which model) & follow the simple steps, you’ll be kicking yourself when you get it.

The troubleshooting element I think is foot of the page on support

if still stuck for the correct answer input “calibration” into the search…

Presumably you did let whatever container you are using level out (ie as a heat sink warm up thoroughly, & LID the container for a decent period of time)?

What has your process been to find it is off kilter?

Hang on, sounds like you are trying to CONNECT, not calibrate? the 4 number code needs inputting on your phone to get it to talk (hopefully) & complete handshake protocol.

Is that correct?