Is my temp wheel broken? Bluetooth question...

I’m trying to (re)pair my older Precision to Bluetooth. In Bluetooth settings, my phone is asking for the 4-digit PIN, which is nowhere to be found on the device. The instructions say to press and hold the temp wheel for 3 seconds to get the code to appear, but nothing happens. It doesn’t even feel like that wheel depresses at all.

Is it toast? Or, maybe there’s something I’m missing…?


Get on chat, or customer suppoert via link…

Be concise, they (Anova) will want your order details etc regardless of it being out of warranty)
I too am a big fan of the scroll wheel & do miss it on my latest anova model for ease of use (it is more intuitive than a hold down temp change function)

Your situation is one I have never heard of before… fingers crossed that a forced reset can be instigated, are you using the app at all?

Hey, MrGus:

Appreciate the reply. I guess I’ll hit up support. Didn’t think that was really an option due to how long ago I purchased (5 years).

And, No…I do not use the app. Honestly, I haven’t used the app for a few years (there was an update that broke the pre-heat cycle).


I have a 2016 unit (& a 2016 back up, the replacement of the same ilk was available till just the other year on offer, which is why I bought the spare, lucky I did, the spare freaked out when plugged into an energy meter (consumption display) it was replaced under the 2 year warranty in feb this year, however having stupidly tried out the replacement metal pot grip vice it screwed with my unit (droop) so I implore you to keep your original soft touch one safe & undamaged, a general purpose acrylic glue & clamp fix if it has cracked will bring it back to life.

I will watch to see if you have a fix (because info learnt / shared et al)

Regardless of age there is a form of customer service, from anova, you may have to be patient & email a CS manager if they cannot make sense of what you are requiring (no real technical knowledge to hand at the lower level) it may be a forced update IF you can get the unit to connect with your phone, which is probably why we both don’t use the phone app! …but it’s a thought seeing as they communicate with each other (sometimes) :hand_with_index_finger_and_thumb_crossed:

If it is a lost cause, & you have any DIY electronic skill there is a break down (dis-assembly) video on youtube, you may find it worth having a poke around.

I have a currently off-kilter s/steel impeller problem (from it thumping in the pot, story elsewhere) so I used it as a ref point to see what might be done just the other day, it is tight packed in there)

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Okay, I am a complete idiot. For real. When trying to connect my cooker in the app, I kept selecting the Precision Cooker (which had the instruction to depress the temp wheel). I SHOULD have been selecting Precision Cooker w/Bluetooth and WiFi, which just connected instantly when selected.

So, thanks for the replies and the moral support. What I really needed was more IQ points. :smile:

Well fingers crossed it forces change (for the better) & reconnects …& only a true idiot fails to recognise their error, so you’re not that daft clearly.

If not get onto technical services via email after browsing this…

Yeah, I’m totally connected to BT and WiFi now. 100% user error!

Thanks again!


Good to hear, hopefully the connection will not be tetchy in future (the reason I use the control wheel regardless)

I’m having some trouble pairing my older Precision watch with Bluetooth. Despite following the instructions, the 4-digit PIN doesn’t appear on the screen when I press and hold the temperature button. It’s like the button isn’t working correctly. Is my watch toast, or am I just missing something? Maybe it’s time to call a taxi Bluetooth expert to help me.