APO: lcd display panel(on the open handle) no longer displays setting values

My APO’s lcd display panel no longer show setting such as temp/mode/steam%…
The touch control(start/resume or +/-) is still working and can set the values, but they are not just visible anymore. The oven seems still working correctly via the app though
If I cycle the power, then the display panel is fully working for like 1 minutes, and they gone again. If I start some cooking right after cycle the power, the display keeps ON until I stop the oven, and it gone in about 1 minutes
Resetting the oven also does not help

My guess is that the display panel goes to sleep mode and somehow could not “wake up” again. My oven is just out of warranty about 5 months, so I wonder if Anova provides any repair service like on-site repair as advertised when I purchased the oven(even with a fee)?
I reported a problem in the app(ref#866267) but have not had response for a day
Thank you