APO sous vide cooks

I read some issues about sous vide mode having temperature control issues that are outside of the specified/advertised control ranges which are very tight.

My question to you is it worth even using at this point? Does it overshoot on the initial warm up because of some inertia and then eventually settle out and actually control properly?

For sous vide meat cooks is 100% humidity and bottom heating element best?

Thanks all

Do you even own this oven? Have you tried sous vide mode?

Works fine.

The manual suggests the element setting for sous vide mode. There are a lot of recipes available from the app and website for the oven. These suggest burner and steam settings. They are a decent reference.

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Ok. I’ll give it a shot with a nice prime rib this weekend. I read a post that fluctuations were 6C which would be unacceptable for good sous vide results. You commented on that post saying it wasn’t an issue because you were cooking to an internal temperature. If fluctuations were truly that high I would just use my anova circulator which has always had awesome results.

Yes, I own this oven. I sent pictures of some kind of a sediment build up on it where the steam comes out. Remember?

I dont know how much experience you have with sous vide, but if you have a circulator and have done prime rib in it to your satisfaction i’d just do that.

In my opinion the oven offers some conveniences with sous vide mode. Would I do a steak with it? Probably not since I have other gear. Would I do 8lbs of pork loin? Yes, just did this and it worked well.

Using the oven to sous vide something and then brown it. Convenient. Would I sous vide the perfect egg in it, no. Would I sous vide salmon in it? No.

Just try it a few times and get past thinking about it and get some experience. Things like pork and chicken are inexpensive to try.

I want to do a prime rib to compare it to results I get with my Anova circulator. I have a lot of experience with it but I agree. Sous vide is for certain things only. I find it best for keeping beef roasts to the perfect doneness throughout.

I also agree. For steaks I will choose my green egg every time. For ribs I prefer the egg as well. For me sous vide is a beef roast tool almost exclusively.

I think the oven will do the roast nicely. The advantage is also the probe. If you are cooking to temp and pulling the probe is convenient.

The other convenience is you can probe and increase the sous vide temp. This will get you to temp a little faster. For many things this higher outside temp does not make a big difference.

But there is better thermal transfer with liquid.

Thing is they make the claim on the website that the same precise results can be achieved faster than normal sous vide. I had the initial same thought as you in that there was no way humid air can do a better job but they claim it can. As much as 50% faster is the claim. Unless they’re talking about ramping temp up which I’m against because I like a consistent doneness throughout. It’s one of the main reasons I fell in love with sous vide. No gradient meaning you get the whole thing done exactly how you like it.

At some point you are going to need to drop the angry customer position and actually use the oven. It works and I think you will like it.

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never did. will. thanks for recommendations. my friend owns it and will tell him.

we’ve also noticed it, lots of info to learn

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