APO: Trouble heating to 212F?

I have not seen anyone from Anova comment or participate in any threads regarding the oven on this forum.

It’s been a few years since Alyssa, Anova Community Manager, participated here.

Rather than having support people reply to customers individually it was an effective manner of resolving common issues experienced by many through one post here.

I expect a genuinely caring organization to be proactive in gathering feedback and responding. Doing that one customer at a time is not an effective use of resources.

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It’s possible they have a preference for Facebook. Personally, after running community forums for 20 years I’d prefer they focus on this forum and direct people here from Facebook and leave facebook for eye candy and marketing.

I’m sure they do, Jump. It appears that there are too many of those pesky Russians posting misinformation on the Anova FB group.

The volume at FB was many times larger, but of course that was before you joined in here.

I did hear back from support:
“Thanks for reaching out. Do you get the same thing if you don’t use SV mode but set it to 212 and 100% steam?
We’re seeing some troubles at higher altitudes but have found that the temporary work around is to turn off sous vide mode and set it yourself.”

We already talked about here, but I can get to 212F without sous vide mode. I responded asking exactly what that means, and how I would adjust the recipes (I did ask on a few recipes in the comments if possible to adjust, I’ve found it a great way to communicate with the recipe owners).

Heard back already:
"It is only sous vide mode. Sous vide mode is the exact same as running at 100% steam. However, when running in sous vide mode you are capped at 212. The issue seems to be that altitude is causing the sensor to be a bit wonky but this is something we are working on correcting in a future update.

This does not affect the recipes or the food you are cooking"

Sounds fine to me, good to know they will be continually working on improving the product.

Thanks for sharing the information Craig.

It would be interesting to know what is the difference when using Sous Vide mode.

And what do you find worthwhile cooking at that elevated temperature?

So far in the oven I have made a 5oz tenderloin steak, lobster tail, and chicken breasts, all sous vide, each which turned out EXCELLENT. I made a banana bread with 50% steam and it was pretty good as well. Tonight I’m planning on swordfish. Only fails have been a rice (because of the temp not reaching 212, I’m going to try again without sous vide mode).

I’ll repeat myself because I I feel strongly about the likelihood of a solution. Boiling point where you are is 208 so you should try sous vide mode, but drop from 212 to 208. This due to the way the bulb sensor functions. If you are higher than Denver like up in Eldora you would go down to 197F. Assuming also that you may need to extend the time at that temp.

They should really just say sous vide mode is only working to boiling point rather than stating 212F. Or Sous Vide mode is good to 212F at sea level or boiling point at higher elevations. Please see https://www.thermoworks.com/bpcalc (or your preferred website)

I’d be waiting hours I feel like, max I’ve got is 204 after 40+ minutes.

I guess try 202 then?

All cooked at over 200ᴼF?
You are one very skilled cook.

How did you settle on the pull points?
Did you employ your oven’s probe to monitor temperature or use the recipes you refer to?

Sorry, I misread what you originally wrote, I thought it sounded off, that was my fault. I thought you were asking what’s worth cooking at that altitude :smiley:

Craig, you can bake rice in a covered pan or casserole.

I am not convinced the alleged Sous Vide mode is appropriate for many uses although i have not studied the Anova recipes for it. Cooks here appear to be using it at extreme temperatures, - for the technique.

Just as a general observation, if you want your water at boiling point you can just boil it on the stovetop. It won’t get any hotter than boiling since at that point it will vaporize into steam. A device to precisely hold water at a selected temperature is superfluous if that temperature is “boiling”. (I say “boiling” because obviously with altitude your “mileage may vary”! :slight_smile: ) Just my 2 cents.

Unless you aren’t heating a liquid.

I specified “water” in my comment. Are you responding to an earlier comment by someone else?

Who is holding only water at 212? Your post didn’t seem relevant.

Hey all! Cole from Anova here. We’ll be hopping in here going forward!

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Welcome to the other side of Anova users.

It’s good to have your support here.