App Requests: Notification-area timer/temp status + steak thickness


I’ve had my Anova now for a few weeks, and already used it a lot. But one feature I really wish I could get, was some kind of “quick peek” feature, where I can see the current temperature and timer when I swipe down for the notification area on my Android (Samsung Galaxy S8+), or at least some kind of widget so I can easily and quickly see the status of my APC without having to open up the app.

Also, it would be nice if it was possible to select thickness of the steak, and if the meat is fresh or frozen, just like I can do in the Joule app. It’s these small details that makes the app so much better, and easier to use for a Sous Vide novice like me! :slight_smile:

Besides that, I’m very happy with my APC, and looking forward to some more updates in the app.


One useful addition to the app would be to integrate all the timing and thickness charts, and the pasteurisation tables. Basically the info from Baldwin.



Hey Kenneth! I think I understand what you’re talking about. That’ll be a cool little feature to have implemented in the app. I know that’s something I’d definitely would like to see, too. I will forward this feedback to the rest of the team. Along with having the ability to select thickness and cooking from frozen.

Happy cooking!

Well, this is just an example from the Timer app on my phone.

When my APC is connected, I’ll have one similar that I cannot remove (I guess android needs that to keep the app alive in the background). But instead of it just being annoying, then it would be awesome if there could be some info there about the current cook, like temperature and time left. :slight_smile:

Yeah but… Just that there are still variables. And there will need to be a clear statement that all times should be treated as “ISH.” The minimum time would be equilibrium time. The maximum time, safety time? There are a truckload of variables. And very few people enjoy things at the minimum cook time.

I’m sure that most of these numbers are guidelines.
But as far as I remember, there’s a guideline saying 1 hour / inch of steak thickness. I’m pretty sure that’s a recommended minimum guideline.

But when I open the app, and go to Steak, it says 1 hour. So if I have a 2inch steak, I would have to go to manual mode and set the temp and timer. I can, of course, do that easily when I know how to cook different kinds of meat (by trial and error), but for a novice, who needs the guidelines to try out new things, it would be nice if we could choose these parameters as steak thickness and if it’s frozen/fresh. Again, it’s a feature that other apps have. So I can use another app, and go to my anova app and set time/temp manually according to what the othre app says. But it would just be nice and convenient if I could choose these things, just like I can choose doneness, and then the app starts the cooking for me in a matter of seconds, instead of switch between 2 apps to find time/temp and then start the APC!

I agree, there needs to be much clearer information in the app regarding the importance of thickness in the grand scheme of sous vide.