Appetizer ideas for a large crowd?

What are some ideas for appetizers that are easy to make, for a large crowd? That can maybe pair well with steak bites.

I made porkbelly with a marinade of fish sauce, soy sauce, oyster sauce en ginger powder. 24 hours ar 63 degree celsius. Cut it in small blocks and serve on a wooden stick

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I’d go with that. it just sounds too good! haha

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Lamb Lolly Pops always impress and please guests. SV Cook racks of Lamb 2 1/2 hours @ 128F, cut into single chops, French the bones, dry and sear, basting with Garlic Butter-Dijon mixture, sprinkle with minced fresh rosemary and serve.

Moving away from SV here’s some popular items that are easy to make in quantity:

Tuna or Salmon Poké individually served on Chinese soup spoons are a quick and easy make-ahead item.

Grilled Prosciutto-wrapped Asparagus is another very popular make-ahead item.

Loaded Sweet Potato Skins, - topped with smoked trout, creme fraiche and chives instead of boring old bacon and sour cream.

Smoked Salmon on Buckwheat-Cheddar Blinis.

Are we invited?

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Confit tuna is amazing.
Get some fresh tuna, cut it into inch cubes, get a salt sugar mix, 4 parts salt to 1 part sugar. Coat fish cubes with that for 30 minutes. Rinse and dry. Place in glass jars, with lemon zest strips and cover with olive oil, close your jars. If screw tops, finger tight. In use Weck jars. Cook at 45C of 115F for 90 minutes. Chill overnight, serve on little toasts. So good. its a Chef steps recipe.


Thank you for the ideas! I think the proscuitto-wrapped asparagus would be a great idea. And YES you’re invited. :slight_smile:

Thank you!!!

While I doubt I could bring myself to call bacon and sour cream “boring” (I mean, it’s Bacon!!! :slight_smile: ) sweet potato skins topped with trout, creme fraiche and chives sound awesome!

I’ve reached the point where for me bacon became the new “Jello”.

Loaded Sweet Potato Skins are also delicious with SV pulled pork with a topping of extra old Cheddar. They are also popular with guests when served nacho-style. Just remember to always crisp the skins before topping them.

Excellent suggestion - thanks! I’m always looking for things that have no ingredients in them to which my wife is allergic and these fit the bill!

Sweet potatoes can improve many items in your repertoire.

Top a Shepherd’s Pie with it, always great in curried dishes, grated on spinach or on salads, a chunky sweet potato salad with shredded carrot, diced celery and red onion tastes and looks spectacular on a summer BBQ table. (Season it with Old Bay. It will drive your guests crazy trying to guess what you used,)

Bonus, nutritionally it’s very rich in vitamins A & C while being gluetin free.

cocktail-size shrimp, thawed - 15 mins at 135F
tender and slightly translucent, instead of white and rubbery boiled shrimp