What's for dinner tonight?

Show off your creation here. Love to see pictures of your dish. Here is mine.
Pork and Cherries Asparagus in Sweet and Source Fish Sauce

Hooya that looks delish! What cut of pork is that? Is it a roulade?

I think Pork Tenderloin. Kids approved and Husband love it. We love, love the Anova. Thank You Anova.
Note: Before Anova I hated to cook with Pork Tenderloin since it always come out dried and hard but now we love it :slight_smile:
Thanks Simon_C

Jane here is what I made.


wow…delicious.look at that beef color!! thanks will try to make it for dinner this week :slight_smile:
How do you get picture fit the page like that? :slight_smile:

Fillet mignonette at 140F. Sorry duplicate. Don;t know how to delete…

Fillet Mignonette at 140F

Hi @Jane hover over the photo thumbnail after it has uploaded and click on ‘Insert’. I wrote a tutorial on embedding images into forum posts a few days ago, please have a look at http://community.anovaculinary.com/discussion/647/embedding-photos-in-your-forum-posts-a-quick-easy-tutorial

That beef looks super juicy! Did you also cook the asparagus sous vide or did you use a more traditional method?

I cooked the asparagus traditional method. Will try with sous vide later…So fun to try with different method :slight_smile:

Oh my!

@Jane that looks delicious. What all is in it?

@Jane I’m piggybacking on @john.jcb’s question. Would love to get the details on that dish!

Also, where are those lovely plates from? I’m in the market for some new dinnerware he he…

@jordon Here are a few plates I made. These are not food safe and were made as decorative art for a wall.

To bring it back on topic; I think I will make pork char siu tonight. It is a great appetizer that often turns into a meal when you add a little rice.