best pork tenderloin I've ever cooked

Made a pork tenderloin last night. After trimming it, I put only salt and pepper on it. cooked at 140* for 2 hours.
Oh, I will add that i only used the fat middle part of the roast, I was afraid that the skinnier ends would dry out. So into the freezer they went, for kabobs.
For a side I made butter poached potatoes, (recipe is in Anova’s recipe catalogue) with an addition: roasted garlic that I mixed with the softened butter. I made these a couple hours before the roast,and refridgerated,as the water temp had to come down. I put the bag of cooked potatoes in the water with the roast an hour before it was done, to heat the potatoes up.
I also made sous vide mushrooms, bur I didn’t like their appearance when done. Very dark and ugly. And overcooked. I’m glad I had another pack of mushrooms to cook stovetop
I had some rosemary that I wanted to use, so I opted to pan sear the roast when done. Patted the roast dry, got a stainless pan good and hot with oil, 30 seconds or so per side sear, added some butter and about a 2 inch piece of rosemary sprig. Spooned the butter and rosemary over the roast as I finished it.
The meat came out a nice medium, firm and juicy.
The potatoes were fabulous, with a hint of nutty roasted garlic.
The pan cooked 'shrooms also turned out great!

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I’ve not done mushrooms sous vide, but it is possible that they weren’t overcooked. Mushrooms darken to black (depending on their variety) when cooked in a moist environment.

Hi @jen2

A pork tenderloin cooked at 140F for only 2 hours? You don’t state how thick it was, but it doesn’t sound likely that you would have reached pasteurization. Just my opinion, but personally I pretty much always cook everything to pasteurization just to play it safe.

Best of luck!

Remember… Tenderloin, not loin. There is no need to pasteurize pork, any more than there is a need to pasteurise beef or lamb. Chicken, however, is a different matter.

I’m aware that pork is now considered much “cleaner” than it was when I was a kid, but I still like to play it safe and cook it to pasteurization!

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Jen, you are hanging on to your conventional cooking thinking. Those skinnier ends would have the same outcome as the centre cut you cooked as long as they cooked at the same temperature for about half the time.

If the tenderloin pieces were cooked together you could then cube the cooked pork ends for kabobs and have a quick sear-and-serve meal sometime.

It does seem that comments about loin vs tenderloin, a lot of people get mixed up. Big difference in the two not only in cook time, but size.

Hi Ember, the mushrooms I used were baby bellas. They were not pretty lol.

Hello Mirozen, the pork tenderloin was of average size.

chatnoir, good idea. Yes I’ll agree that this way of cooking takes some getting used to. Now that I know, the next one I cook I’ll do just that!

Jen, agreed it takes some time to adjust to SV thinking.

After having some basic and successful SV experience it’s time to start thinking about cooking for multiple meals in advance. That’s where i find the most value and increased productivity in the kitchen.

Chatnoir are you using the same cut of meat for your multiple meals? ie: a pork tenderloin?

Usually, but not always.

As an example I might batch-cook a B & R Leg of Lamb, a Chuck Roast of Beef, and Beef Short Rbs together, of course for different times; - for 10, 24, and 48 hours respectively in case you were going to ask.

Good to know, thanks. I’m going to guess the temp, 131?

Give the Lady her prize!

chatnoir Thank you, I will take good care of it, lol.

The pork tenderloin sounds delicious.
I’ve cooked the butter poached potatoes before and they came out all right. The recipe calls for unsalted butter.
Dumb question here but: do you wait until the butter reaches room temperature, then apply the butter over the potatoes before you add them to the bag? I added slices of still cold butter to the bag, sealed it and noticed after cooking that the slices never really melted around the potatoes.


Hi Vin64! I used softened butter. What I did was use a rubber spatula to smear the butter all over the inside of the cooking bag,. Make sense? ( top turned down, of course!) Then I dumped my potatoes in, arranged them to be one layer ( I did this by manipulating them from the outside of the bag) then I vac-sealed, I hope this helps! If you have any more questions, don’t hesitate to ask!