Are there any promo codes for a discount for it? I saw there was SPRING25 but it ended

Thanks if anyone knows one.

try this:

@lawrnk Let me know if you get it!

@bigfish3 Thanks for sharing the 5GET50 :slight_smile:

I got it!! Thanks! WHOO HOOO!
Jordan, I did call and ask, but can I pick it up? I literally pass your stafford location and want to use this for a party this weekend.

@lawrnk Awesome! I don’t see why not but I’ll have to check with the fulfillment team to make sure it’s okay, I’ll shoot them a note and get back to you. They are very speedy with fulfillment so I’ll try to catch them before it leaves the warehouse. Can you send me your order number?

152097 Awesome, thank you!

If its not ok, if they ship today the carrier would have 2 days to go 5 miles, I think it would arrive where I live a few miles away @jordan

@lawrnk Yea, I checked in and it sounds like it’ll be on it’s way today. We’re not able to do customer pick-ups from the warehouse, I’m so sorry! I’ll send over your tracking number once it’s available. It should get to you quickly if you’re that close!

Thanks! @jordan