Babish bakes bread in the APO! Must see video!


Always nice to see a video of some prep or recipe where the chef/cook is extremely enthusiastic about what he/she 's making (sarcastic)

While I cannot comment on the recipe nor method, I have never ever seen a cooking video that is so boring voice wise as this one.

It’s like I’m listening to a politician who wants to vote for another party.

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I’m fully with you, this video lacks human touch, flat boring voice, aseptic, no expression whatsoever, could have been made by a robot. But I have to admit that it is fully inline with the spirit of recent Anova products: all about tech, zero human.

the complete opposite that cooking enthusiasts are looking for: emotions.


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Thank you! This is an excellent video. The explanations are very clear and easy to follow.

I’m anxiously waiting for my APO to arrive, so it’s wonderful to be able to see all the different things it can do.


Welcome to the #anovafoodnerd fam, Randy! Glad to have ya.

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When I saw the email hinting at a collab, I kinda thought it would be this person. I have heard a lot about this YT channel but I had never watched anything. I am not sure if this is just his “brand” and if so, I guess it works for some audience as it seems popular, but I was excited to see the interaction with the oven in a step by step video. I have never attempted bread and wanted to use this, but … the way it was cut/edited was a little distant and not something I could follow along with. Maybe it was for advanced bakers. Honestly, it seemed like this person was not at all impressed nor excited about sharing their experience – like someone agreed they would receive “negative compensation” or something :rofl: idk lis maybe this is their “brand”.

The full recipe is also available in the app with step by step photos! Challah from Basics with Babish | Anova Precision® Oven Recipes


Basics with Babbish is where we first saw the APO. I got online immediately and ordered it. So, you got your money’s worth with that product placement, Anova! :wink:
A side note about Babbish… he is an acquired taste. He has a very dry sense of humor, but he grows on you. His recipes (experiments) are really great, too.