Bahn Mi Recipe

Anyone have a good recipe ofr Bahn Mi (Vietnamese Rolls)? More importantly does anyone have an oven setting necessary ofr a thin crust roll with a soft interior.

Bahn Mi is a sandwich that uses french baguette, so Baguette 101 | Anova Precision® Oven Recipes should work for you.

Could this recipe be recalculated to just make 1 baguette (1/3 of the recipe)?


Anyone help?

For a baguette type roll, I’ve had good luck with this: start with upper and lower at 480, 100% steam for 5 minutes, then turn off steam and switch to rear convection at 450 for 11 minutes. Very consistent, good results. (this is for baguettes weighing 250g wet dough)

For the dough itself, for three loaves, 450g Bread flour, 5g instant yeast, 9g salt, and 310g water. Knead with dough hook 4 minutes and rise 2+ hours (depending on temp.) then divide and roll out, place on floured towel to shape and final rise for about 30 minutes.

No reason you can’t divide by 3 but you’ll have to knead by hand, not enough for a mixer to work properly.

Thank you for responding. I will try your settings next bake…

Regards, Tom Lowe