baking powder or cornstarch for searing?

ATK used to suggest baking powder for searing steaks. It seemed to be the corn starch that dried up the surface to get a sear. Has anyone tried this? I’ve got a skin on chicken breast that I’d like to crisp up before serving. They can be explosive at times!

I’ve not tried corn starch, but have had good results by thinly spreading mayonnaise on the meat prior to searing. Let me know how you do with either approach please!

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Yep, I’ve heard of mayonnaise being used. I’ve used yogurt and it gives it a nice crust, just like mayo. I haven’t tried baking powder though! Hmm.

@cnoden - How about this?

Corn starch will help dry the surface and make for a better sear.

It depends on how dry and crispy you want the skin. Since baking powder has starch, baking soda, acidic and drying agents it will make the skin more crispy, in my opinion, but it can make it too dry as well. I’ve used corn starch for searing and if you use a decent amount it will give a nice sear. If you tried with baking soda, let us know how it went.

Always nice to reveal your source, isn’t it.