What do you think about yogurt or mayo for searing?

I have tried coating chicken breasts with yogurt for searing. I really, really love the crust it gives. I have yet to try mayonnaise, but something tells me it will be just as good (if not better).

Have you tried this out? What other meats have you coated with yogurt/mayo post sous vide, pre-sear?

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Alyssa, mayonnaise will give you a pleasing golden brown crust. It also helps hold seasoning on the chicken. Use a lower temperature than your usual high searing temperature so it doesn’t burn.

Whatever you do, please don’t ever use it on the surfaces of grilled sandwiches, it’s too addictively delicious.


Not tried either. But, I’m thinking we don’t traditionally go for that heavy blackened crusting that seems to dominate American steak and other grilled meat photos.

I might try something like that with my next steaks. I have some duck egg whites left from making ice cream and I don’t feel like making marshmallow. The egg white supposedly enhances the browning factor by replacing albumin that is lost to the purge during the sous vide cook.

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Haha now I have to try it on the surface of grilled sandwiches! :wink:

Yes, I’ve heard eggs can also help with browning. You mention egg whites - do you know if will do well with browning without the help of the yolk/fat? @Ember

I’ve not tried it yet, but the idea is to replace the same type of protein that is lost to the cooking. I’ll try it when I brown off tonight’s chicken and report back on the effectiveness.

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I tried coating a boneless chicken breast with mayonnaise for searing. Because the surface was not flat and smooth, much of the mayo stayed in the crevices and was unpleasant to eat. I won’t try that again.

Did you already try it? Was it a fail or a success? @Ember

Not yet. Had a bit of a plan change this week.

I often use mayo, instead of egg wash, when breading fillets, for frying or broiling, but I roll the fillets in bread crumbs before cooking. The mayo helps the crumbs stick and creates a nice, crisp crust.

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Oh. I tried the egg white on a pork scotch fillet. Worked a treat. Good brown with a slight crisp. Yum.

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Yogurt makes a good tenderizing marinade, for chicken, but I think it would contain too much moisture to make a crisp brown crust on fried foods.