How to brown a panko crust on chicken?

Any suggestions on how to brown a panko crust added post sous vide to a chicken breast? I’m concerned that the chicken breast will overcook if I pop it in the oven to brown the panko.

Very hot oil, flash fry it in a pan.

Yeah, I was hoping to avoid the hassle of oil. That may be the only method that’ll work. Thanks.

You could try ice bath cooling the chicken, that way when you stick it in the oven it ideally stays under the temp you cooked it to. Or try the broiler / searzall if you have one (hand held broiler). The intense heat for a short time, chicken shouldn’t have time to heat up more.

@colewagoner is really good at achieving these kind of results. Hopefully he’ll pop in and maybe have some more specific advice.

You’re all over it. 1/4" of oil and about a 5 minute ice bath. Bring the core temp slightly below cook temp, and the sear won’t overcook it