SV Fried chicken (without frying)

I’m planning to do some fried thighs and drums for my lil gal. As far as I know, the basics is 150f for about 2 hours. The question is, how do I accomplish it using an oven instead. What should I use for the coating and breading?

You can use whatever breading you like. If recommend using an elevated surface that will allow for air flow: like a cooking rack over a cookie sheet. If you have a convection oven, even better. You’ll want it really hot: 550°F + , as the chicken will already be fully cooked. And mind you, anyone eating this will be able to tell it’s not truly fried. let it’s know what you end up doing, and how it comes out. Good luck!


Dredged with flour and salt n pepper, bathed in a mixture of buttermilk,dijon and shicimi togarashi then coated with cornflakes crumbs…
Well, it does looked like a authentic fried chicken but the texture didn’t actually justify haha. Should just stick to deep frying and clean up after that (which i was trying to avoid by using the oven) Thanks for the heads up anyway.


There’s nothing quite like the texture of a deep fast fry.

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