Sous vide chicken in Anova

Hi guys, I’m trying to cook some chicken thighs in the oven on sous vide mode and then sear them in a pan and I don’t know if I’m doing it wrong because what I feel like I’m really doing is just sorta dehydrating the outside. I tried cooking some chicken at 160 (thighs) and the outsides were very dry and hard, and even though I had it set to 160 when I measured it with a probe, the outside was like 180 in places.

I figure maybe I was too close to the heating element or something but I had it in a pan in the very middle of the oven.

Anyone got any tips here? Should I run it on 100% steam to prevent the meat from drying out? Should I wrap it or rub some oil on the outside? The meat wasn’t overcooked but it was dry, so obviously a worse outcome so far than just using a water bath.

Appreciate any advice!