Mayonnaise Marinade for Sous Vide Steak?

Hey there, 

Loving my Anova, it’s been an amazing tool for so many different meals. 

I’ve been reading alot about the latest fad is using mayonnaise as a steak marinade to add some extra char. 

Anyone try this after a sous vide? I’m thinking do the steaks as usual on the sous vide and apply a wet rub after with the maynnaise (in this instance kewpie) before putting it on the hottest part of a grill to get a good sear. 

Thoughts? Or totally not necessary with sous vide.

Thanks in advance for your feedback. 

Mayonnaise is mostly oil, so the mayo melts and performs similarly as if you had used a liquid oil.  I’ve used it for cooking on griddles and cast iron pans, never a problem, I would think that it should be fine on a grill.

Great thanks. 

I use mayonnaise for grilling sandwiches. Slightly different flavor but not extra flavor. Less likely to burn. Best extra flavour is still butter IMO but I haven’t tried a marinade.