Cook in Marinade or Not?

Would you recommend cooking in the marinade the protein has soaked in or brushing off and then cooking with Anova?

Looking at a chicken tikka masala recipe that has thighs in a yogurt style marinade - was thinking i could just move entire ziploc bag into water bath and cook 

It is not a simple yes/no answer. Here is an article on the subject.


Hi, I’ve experimented with quite a few using store bought bases as I picked up some interesting packs in Indonesia. They worked really well, though I think it’s best if you’ve made the dish before in the conventional manner so you can tailor it to suit sous vide. One of the recipes that worked well for me was Ayam Bakar, an Indonesian “roast” chicken recipe where the conventional method is to cook chicken pieces in the sauce base/marinade then grill over coal or gas bbq.

I guess it depends on what you consider a marinade to be, in some cases it is just that and in others such as curries it often forms part of the dish anyway. I did a whole chicken Malaysian Kari Ayam, “chicken curry” with boiled eggs, potato & carrot that everyone liked, except me, as I preferred it’s texture & flavour when done conventionally as it thickens as it reduces that way. I had to precook the vegetable & eggs beforehand so it was a lot of extra work, and given the result I wouldn’t do that one again, though I’m glad I experimented with the idea.

Trial and error I guess, have fun.