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I am going to cook some chicken breast tenders tonight for the first time. I found some chicken breast recipes that recommended temps of 145 to 150. Can I just throw my choice of marinade and seasonings in the with the tenders and cook it? The recipes I found seemed a little bland, or I don’t have the ingredients on hand.

My husband and I like different flavors; he doesn’t like hot and spicy. Can I split the tenders into two bags - add spicy to mine and bland to his - and cook them at the same time?

Ready to experiment! Thanks in advance!

Yes, you can put whatever seasonings you want in there. Remember, if you use too much marinade though, you’ll be stewing the chicken.

Of course you can cook two different bags with different seasonings at the same time. Cooking times and temps don’t change for the extra bag or six.

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Yes, two bags would be fine and those are good temperatures for chicken. Don’t have the tenders in a clump, spread them out inside the bag so it is fairly flat.

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Thanks ACS and Richard! Chicken to order for dinner - and pizza delivery if it bombs :slight_smile:

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Success! Chicken turned out great. Moist and tender. I did four bags with various seasonings in each. I was careful to not put too much marinade. The chicken breast I cooked with a dry rub seemed to pick up the most flavor. Thanks again for the advice.


Glad it worked out.

What you noticed with dry rub vs marinade is normal. The liquid dilution in the marinade often works against you for getting flavors into the meat when it’s placed in the bag that goes in the SV bath. One notable exception is soy sauce, due to the high salt content.

Nice! Glad the chicken came out tasty!

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