Cooking Chicken and Beef tenderloin in different bags but at the same time

I have both and 8 ounce tenderloin of beef and an 8 ounce chicken breast. Would of course cook in different bags. Is there a way to cook them together and have them ready at the same time from using the same temperature?

Only if you want over-done tenderloin or under-done chicken.

The problem that you have is that most people like chicken that has been cooked at a significantly higher temp than the temp at which you’d want to cook a tenderloin.

What you could do is cook your chicken for a couple hours at the higher temp needed to get the desired doneness, then reduce the temp of your bath to around 130F or so for the tenderloin. You can leave the chicken in the bath while the tenderloin cooks. This way the chicken will stay warm and you can serve both chicken and tenderloin once the tenderloin is done.

But as @DParker stated - if you do both at the same temp you probably won’t be happy with the results.


This works for steaks at two temps too! :grinning:

Similar question really.

I am looking to do a whole chicken (62 degrees C) and a rib of beef (54 degrees C).

Both require 6 hours at those temperatures.

If I was to cook the chicken for 6 hours at 62, then leave it in for another 6 hours at 54 whilst the beef cooks, would that ruin the chicken?

Sorry if it’s a dumb question. Newbie!

Hemmo, similar question, - really?

Whole chicken : chicken breast.
Rib of Beef : beef tenderloin.

Please consider the whole chicken.
Is it whole-whole, or whole and cut into parts? The reason i ask is it appears you have done some research on appropriate cooking temperatures, but your cooking times could be excessively long depending on the thickness of your items. Thickness matters in SV cooking, also the type of meat. You probably saw that white meat is best cooked around 63.5C while the best for dark meat is about 80C and you decided to compromise at 62C.

How about disclosing the pertinent details so we can give you useful answers not based on time-wasting guesses?

If it’s a whole-whole, as in intact, chicken and if you do not have a chamber vacuum sealer please share with Community why you would want to do that.

Thank you.

To be continued.

Hemmo, it’s 5 days without your response.

Did you cook them as planned?