chicken thighs and chicken breast

How I cook 1 chicken breast and 2 chicken thighs at the same time when they have two different temps and times?

The two temperatures ‘requirement’ for chicken is entirely personal preference. I, personally, use 140F/60C for all of my chicken and enjoy the luscious juiciness of the thighs. I cook all my chicken to pasteurisation as recommended by Baldwin. The breasts usually get around 2.5 hours, by thickness, and the thighs around 4 hours.

It’s really up to you as to the cooking temperature you want. As both can be cooked tighter if you want. If you want to have two different temperatures you can cook the thighs at the higher temperature then lower it after it’s fully cooked to what you want the breasts done at. Put in the breasts and use the lower temperature to keep the meal warm and ready at the same time.

so when i have things that are 2 different temps i cook the one in the higher temp first till its done and then i drop the temp to what ever i need and then drop the item in with the first item. keeping the first item warm and cooking the second item.
I do this all the time with my steaks as my hubby likes rare and i like med.
also chicken is chicken no matter breasts or thighs. its the cooking time thats important. I cook mine at 145F for at least 2 hours bone in (ive even gone 6 hours) and 1 for bone out. Sous vide is the best thing ever