Need help with my 1st chicken cook.

I’m about to try my first “real” cook with my APC. (The hotdogs don’t count.) I’ve got two lbs., (4 thighs), of boneless, skinless thighs. As I look up recipes, time and temps are all over the place. I’m seeing 140@1.5 hrs, 165@1 hr, 150@2 hrs, etc., etc. What would be a good starting point for my 1st cook?

Thanks all;

If it’s thighs (dark meat) I would add spices to the chicken, in the bag, and cook them for 3 hours at 155F… :slight_smile: I did that once, and it came out really nice. With lighter meat (e.g. breast), 1-1,5 hour is fine!

If you wanna be on “the safe side”, cook your chicken at 165… but… Low and slow (3 hrs @ 155) should be fine as well.

If I do 165, should I still do 3 hrs?

Chicken should be cooked to pasteurisation. There are tables in the Baldwin bible that detail times against temperature and thickness.

As for temperatures, you will need to experiment to find out what you like, but I do all my chicken (white and dark) at 140F/60C unless I’m in a hurry.

I’m not a fan of spices in the bag. I don’t feel they achieve anything other than flavouring the juice that comes out during the cook. Fine if you’re discarding it, but not if you want to clarify the juice and use it as a base for a sauce. I’d rather cook the protein plain and add spices afterwards.

So . . . I ended up doing 165 for 3 hrs . . . and it came out great! Perfectly tender, but it still had the “chickeny” character. I sprinkled them with some ground black pepper, and some seasoned salt. Then I threw in a couple of dollops of a garlic butter that we like. We did some mashed 'taters on the side. The garlic butter sauce was perfect to pour over the taters. Didn’t even need any gravy.

I’m going to call this my first sous vide success. Now, to try some breasts. :wink: