Cooking two sorts of meat at different temperature for the same meal


I want to serve two different meats for my meal:

  • a hanger steak that should cook 4 hours at 54 degrees
  • sirloin steak that should cook 1 hour at 57 degree

Should I start with the sirloin first for one hour then cook the hanger steak for four hours and put back the sirloin 30 minutes before serving or do you recommend any other method?

Are you set on those temperatures? Would a compromise temp of 55 work? I would think the sirloin could go at the same temp as the hanger before a good sear. Maybe 1-1/2 hour if the sirloin is large or thick.

The day before - cook the sirloin for 1 hour at 57 and immerse pouch in icewater to quick chill, then refridgerate.
On the day of the dinner cook your hanger and place your sirloin in the bath for the last 30 minutes to an hour (or however long it will take for the steak to reach 54 degrees at the core, which can be calculated using a phone app).

You will have one steak that has been cooked to medium-rare (ish) and reheated to 54 degrees, and another that has been cooked to rare(ish) at 54. Then you can sear them both off. I think my idea of medium-rare is probably closer to rare so I tend to cook all my steaks at 54-55.