Different doneness

So in our family everyone likes their steak done differently. Is there a good way to cook steak so that I end up with one being medium and another medium rare?

Is it just a matter of cooking the medium steak one first, then dropping the temp for the medium rare steak and leaving the medium steak to keep warm?

Or is there a better way?

What you have described is the best way I have seen recommended. The medium one will not overcook at the lower temperature. The only other option is to use two devices in separate containers. I actually do this when I want meat and vegetables both cooked using sous vide. We are lucky in my family; everyone likes their meat done the same way.


Cook them both to medium rare and sear one a bit longer.

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Hey @MarkFugs, your initial idea is perfect. Cook the higher temp one first, and then lower the temp and drop the second one in. Sear both as normal and you are golden! Another option is searing the medium one a little longer, but then you risk overcooking, etc.


Thanks that idea makes alot of sense. However if it’s a rib roast where the cooking times are 6-10 hours, would you still try this idea by cutting the rib roast into different pieces? although the extra time to cook means starting alot earlier before serving…