Beef short ribs ???

After those baby back pork ribs being the best I’ve ever made, I asked my GF if we have ever had beef short ribs in the 4 yrs we have been together ? Neither one of us can remember ? But in any case, we decided to try them next week, and obviously their can be no other other way for us, but to Sous Vide :slightly_smiling_face:

So, what would be a good time and temp ? I am dead set on 21 hrs @ 150 F for baby back pork ribs, but have no idea for beef short ribs ?

If they are best SV’d a lot differently, I’d be curious as to why ?

Some good information here:

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Brian, thank you ! That is a fantastic guide for beef short ribs.

Do they have such guides for a bunch of other meats / cuts too ? I have a link to that website, but I can’t find specific guides like this one for the short ribs, for other meats / cuts ?

None that come to mind. They have an app for their immersion circulator which has descriptions along with temps. The app is free to download and you don’t need their immersion circulator. Only problem is it’s very data heavy. But that’s the only place i know where they give you the virtual guides for various meats at different temperatures.

That’s too bad, I sure like how that guide gives so many suggestions, for time and temp… Videos and all !

If only I could have such a comprehensive guide for Beef Brisket… Ribeye steaks… Chicken thighs… Tri Tip… Etc, etc…

Anyway, I think I’m going to try my first SV beef short ribs with (#4) 24 hrs @ 158 F
I’m thinking kind of a mid point within the choices given…then maybe I’ll adjust it up or down from there, the next time.

Update: Now this is kind of funny (dumb, on my part) So I had been asking for advice on beef short ribs… But I was actually looking at beef spare ribs. Looked again today, and the spare ribs were very bony / not much meat. Then I found actual “short ribs” which are going to fit into my SV tub much easier, and are MUCH meatier :slightly_smiling_face: …albeit expensive ! $6.98 a lb ! So remove the bone, and they will be about the same price as beef Ribeye.

Anyway, going to do 6 of them for 24 hours @ 158 F, and will report back after we eat them. I’m actually very confident that they will be awesome ! :blush:

Okay, so those came out quite good. They had a little bite to them, but not tough by any means.
They were also very red… Not even pink, “red” ! But I cooked them at 158 ? One would think they night have zero pink or red color ?

Now here’s the interesting thing, all but a couple of the bones just fell out, when trying to handle and sear them… Yet I would have preferred the cartridge to have been just a bit more broken down. It was still quite edible… In fact, I ate it all, until the last of 4 ribs when I was getting full, then the dogs finally scored :blush:
And they are definitely going to town on the bones now :slightly_smiling_face:

I think I’m leaning towards baby back ribs, but the beef short ribs were good for a change. Best I’ve ever cooked… But then again, if I have ever cooked them, it was 30 years ago :slightly_smiling_face:

PS, didn’t have any veggies at the house, but that home baked keto bread dipped into the gravy was so freaking good ! :blush:

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