The Question of Beef Short Ribs (131/48) and the Empty Pan

I’m about to try out Gavin Edwards’ recipe for sous vide beef short ribs (131/48). He starts with a sear of the ribs in a cast iron pan, then into the bath for 48 hours. After the bath, he instructs us to add olive oil to the pan used to sear the ribs, sauté some shallots, then deglaze with wine and stock. Okay. So, he’s telling us after the initial sear, to let the cast iron pan just sit on the stove for two days until the meat comes out of the water. Right?

Nope, you make the sauce right away and refrigerate until you are ready for finishing steps.

I can’t imagine waiting 2 days for sous vide short ribs, when they cook in a pressure cooker in about 40 minutes.

If you want meat that is tender and still medium rare it takes time. Key is to have other things planned to fill the gap while you are waiting. I start short ribs on Friday knowing Sunday dinner taken care of.

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