Best SV Baby Back Ribs in my life....

On my first try :slightly_smiling_face: Seasoned with only salt, black pepper and granulated garlic.
SV’d for 20 hrs at 150 F.

Pulled them out, cooled for a bit. Then a quick torch searing, coated with G. Hughes BBQ sauce, then carmelized with the torch.

Bam ! If i had to nitpick, maybe if I could make more BBQ sauce to stick to them…
But either way, best ribs I’ve ever cooked… Or maybe, ever eaten too.

Sorry I don’t have some sliced pics… But after the first bite, I kind of tore in full bore. Wasn’t even thinking about photos :blush:

Now you are getting there.

You might consider making your BBQ sauces in quart batches for convenience. It keeps well.

My GF used to make our BBQ sauce, and she has made it sugar free one time, since we went Keto about 4 months ago… and it was pretty good. But we both REALLY like G. Hughes SF BBQ sauce now :slight_smile:

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I checked on the highly recommended G. Hughs sauces but from $25 to $29 for an 18 oz bottle up here i’ll pass.

Maybe there’s a new tariff?

Wow ! That’s crazy ! It’s good, but I wouldn’t say it was $25 to $29 good !
We get it at Walmart for $3.95 a bottle :slightly_smiling_face:

Honestly, if I wasn’t concerned about sugar, I’d just go with KC masterpiece :slightly_smiling_face:

I make my own sauces starting by caramelizing oven roasted tomatoes with tomato paste and using the heated and strained pork juices saved and frozen from prior cooks.

I prefer the tang of sherry vinegar added to taste. There’s lots of natural sugars in the tomatoes to balance the flavours but every batch is a little different so i taste as i go.

My GF makes some really good sauce too… Only problem (for us Keto folks) are those natural sugars…

When I went to the grocery today I made a mental note to check on the G, Hughs sauce. I picked it up fpr 2.99. Wow, chatnoir! Where did you see that it was $25-$29 a bottle?
Fishchris, your ribs look great! Is there an evaporation of the cooking water with the 20 hour cooktime?

Jen, it’s here on Amazon. Retail stores couldn’t stock at such an elevated price.

That’s higher that the typical prices people pay for living in a country that’s considered to be a National Security Risk and as a result subject to punitive tariffs by Presidential Order.

I’m just glad we haven’t been invaded, - yet. I can do without the Shock and Awe program thank you.

So far we just have to accept Government subsidized imported milk adulterated with growth hormones and antibiotics.
When did child health stop being a concern in America?

Ahh, Amazon, I should have known. I’m just here to learn to cook sous vide.

I must appologize for my rant.

Does anyone have a formula for the G. Hughs sauce?
Until then i’m staying with my House Sauce.

No worries. I can give you a list of ingredients if you like.

Please, and thank you, Jen.

ok, here ya go…
crushed tomatoes
cider vinegar
modified cornstarch
white vinegar
lemon juice cpncentrate

dehydrated onion
caramel color
hickory smoke
garlic powder
xanthan gum
if you’re not familiar with xanthan gum, it’s a thickener. I don’t care for it, it can make food “slimey”. Plus it’s costly. I tasted the sauce, it’s very sweet for my taste. I’ll probably add some chipotle to temper the sweetness. Let us know how your sauce turns out if you decide to experiment.

Thank you jen. I think i will stay with my homemade efforts. Typical with most commercial products there’s a lot of ersatz ingredients while i prefer fresh.

I’m surprised you found it sweet with the sucralose at the end of the ingredients. And no water as an ingredient?

Differences are mostly in my methods like roasting peeled and seeded fresh tomatoes from my garden and using just a little dark brown sugar to balance the acids. I use crushed fresh garlic and simmer quartered lemons to extract their oils and esters.

I’ve used xanthan gum in a few formulates but in minute amounts. I too prefer other thickeners.

I appreciate your taking the time to do this.

chatnoir, you’re very welcome.
I find that a lot of sugar substitutes are actually sweeter than sugar. I prefer organic stevia, I usually avoid any of the sweetners with -ose at the end, I didn’t look at the ingredients when I bought it. I was just excited to see the sauce at the grocery.
I purchase organic fire roasted chopped tomatoes, (although your homegrown ones are, I’m sure superior) I wonder if I drain the liquid out, if I can use those as a base for a Q sauce? I have a recipe for one that is ketchup based, I would like to get away from the sugary ketchup…

I find stevia-sweetened are usually far too sweet to my taste. Although i worked as a baker for a while, i detested most of my products for their sweetness.

My eldest daughter uses the Muir Glen brand of fire roasted tomatoes from California and they are outstanding. Get the whole tomatoes if you can. The chopped tomatoes are treated with an unnecessary, in my opinion, salt that firms them for chopping. The chopped tomatoes are usually twice cooked too where the whole tomatoes are just cooked once.

I don’t like to throw away flavour so i use everything in the can when making a tomato based sauce. If you are looking for a ketchup replacement as an ingredient try puréed tomatoes. With Italian brands the label will have passata on it. I keep a few bottles in my pantry for many uses.

Happy cooking.

I also use the Muir Glen fire roasted tomatoes. Had no idea about the salt. Thanks