Rib tips

I stumbled on rib tips, aka pork brisket bones. They were less that $2 a pound for a package of three slabs. I cooked them at 160F / 71C for about 4 hours, then refrigerated some and seasoned and cooked one slab for another 8 hours. (12 h total). The finish was in the oven at 425F / 218C for 15 minutes.

This cut turned out very nice to eat, although this particular piece was under seasoned. I think that next time I will marinate the raw meat overnight or perhaps add more seasoning in the bag.

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Richard, those are commonly called “button bones” and most don’t appear in the retail market because American-style Chinese restaurants buy all they can get in 50-pound boxes for use as “ribs”.

You will get the most flavour impact with a sauce or glaze. Try them finished with a sauce of equal parts honey, soy sauce, ketchup, and as much chopped garlic and hot sauce as you can stand. Taste as you add and please let us know if you like them.

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chatnoir…As much hot sauce and chopped garlic as you can???
In the famous last words of Khan…Chatnoir tasks me. I shall chase him around the moons of Antares, thru hells pardition…LMAO!!!

Whybuy, thank you and chase away.

That’s just my oblique way of saying “optional” or to taste.
Translation, = why make food boring?

Correction: looking at my last post i realize i make that sauce with less soy. I don’t usually measure, just eye-balling it in a straight sided jar which is accurate enough for me. It should be 2 parts soy, 3 parts each of honey and ketchup plus the other ingredients. That adjusted formula will be thicker. Try it, it will even make your grilled flip-flops taste really good.