Best way to cook baby back ribs

Need recipe for a rack of ribs that doesn’t take 24 hours.

Try this:

Interesting, I was wondering how they were going to pull off the short cook.

Something worth pointing out in the recipe for those who might not realize it, “Pink Salt” as called for in the recipe is actually “Curing salt #1” aka “Prague #1” aka “Insta-Cure #1” aka “Hellers Modern Cure #1” and a few others. It’s 6.25% sodium nitrite blended with 93.75% non-iodized table salt and dyed pink.

It is not Himalayan pink salt. Or Dead Sea ancient salt. Or that weird pink stuff in the shakers on the tables at the Peppermill in Vegas.

If you don’t have it, you can leave it out. It’s just faking the smoke ring and changing a bit of the flavor. If you aren’t familiar with curing salts, then don’t substitute, #1 and #2 are not the same, and there are some other things on the market that have different percentages (Morton’s Tender Quick for example), applying these wrong could have you winding up with something inedible, all the way up to highly toxic.

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I was just submitting this for a time and temperature. There are risks with some ingredients out there to be sure. Sodium nitrite can definitely be risky when consumed in concentrated or large amounts. A lethal dose of sodium nitrate for a person is 71 mg per kilogram of body weight. A 140 lb person would need to consume 4.6 g to experience this. Of the curing salts recommended in the recipe, a, person would need to consume 64 g of the stuff. However, if you consumed that much regular salt, you would probably experience at the very least, salt toxicity, if not death. As you indicated, this is a more or less unnecessary ingredient if it will be consumed quickly as it is primarily for the smoke ring.